With Chinese culture as the theme of the restaurant and VIP meeting rooms, the hotel's dining area adopts Chinese classical design style and provides various delicious Chinese food. The dining area is divided into two parts— Xiangjian Bar&VIP rooms which can meet our customers different needs, customers can meet their friends/families here and enjoy the delicious food.


XIANG JIAN BA BAR & RESTAURANT provides our guests Xiang food which is kown as Xiang cuisine, from Xiang river region, Dongting Lake and western Hunan Province in Southern China. Food is generally a hot spicy food known for its liberal use of, shallots and garlic and distinctive mala seasonings. You can enjoy the delicious food with your families or friends there.

Mianshe VIP Room

Located in the 1st floor as one VIP room which is equipped with flat TV, French window around by green bamboos. 35 square meters, suite for 10-14 pax events.

Huating VIP Room

Located in the 1st floor as one VIP room which has flat TV and suitable for 10-14 pax events.

Qinfang VIP Room

Located in the 1st basement as one VIP room, 33 square meters, which can accommodate 10-14 pax events.

No.16 Donghuamen Street Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100006